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Fresh MN hops drinkable in It’s Gold Jerry and Fresh Du Pounde by Fair State Brewing, Saturation by Bad Weather Brewing, and Soaked 2016 by OMNI Brewing.

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Eric Sannerud
Eric SannerudCEO
As the fourth generation in his family to live on the land Eric likes to take the long view on hops production, how do we tend our yard so that it will continue to produce decades into the future? His head is often far off dreaming about the future of Minnesota hops. Oh yeah, also “Eric likes beer.”
Ben Boo
Ben BooCOO
A student of plant sciences, Ben has long been trying to wrap his head around these strange leafy beings that eat light. Specializing in yard design, planting arrangements and nutrient delivery schemes, Ben is happy to talk the finer points of photosynthesis and pest management while tending to the yard.

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